Saturday, August 11, 2012

Unwelcome mat

My dad got me a sweet welcome mat that said "GO AWAY" on it once, and it was accidentally left behind at the old house, so I set out this week to replace it. Except awesomer, cause this one is RAINBOWY!
So cute, right?
This project cost a whopping $20
(or it would have had I needed to buy the supplies.  Shamefully, I already had the stencils and paint.)
I used:
-acrylic paints in a bunch of colors
-foam brushes
-clear spray paint
-a $5 ikea door mat

I arranged the letters like so, being sure to add an exclamation point to show how much I mean it.
Used the stencil...

Obviously dab don't brush.  Anyone who's ever stenciled anything knows this and I am not trying to insult your intelligence.   I'm sure you already knew this.

Almost done... now for the clear coat, so it doesn't wash away the first time it rains.

I think its the best damn rug ever.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Moved AGAIN?!? YES.

You may have noticed a lack of posts- But I'm BACK suckas!
Harrowing Backstory:
We are all settled in El Paso, I found a job, kid is in school, etc.
Landlord comes over and announces the house we JUST MOVED INTO is being sold.
(I know, I know, we have a lease and she has grudgingly offered to let us stay until the end but thats the middle of a school year so no thank you)
I look for a house in the same neighborhood- no go. Start to panic.
Upon life reflection, it occurs to me that Husband has been out of town for trainings and missions more than he's been home. Way more. AND he's about to deploy.
(UPDATE: Evidently I was mistaken, he also was NOT interested in remaining married to me:
Learn more about THAT:
Long story short, the Kid and I have spent the summer packing up the house as follows:

 filled up a moving truck (with my Dad's help! thanks!) and made some moves to Colorado, where the beer flows like wine.
We were even greeted by a double rainbow.
We unloaded the truck with the help of Mike, Ali, Justin and Kala (Maddy was there but didn't help much)
And I gotta say, I AM EXHAUSED!

But we are settling in and doing the only fun things involved with a new place- Making stuff and decorating!
Wanna see what I did this week? OK!
First order of business: Meet Dr. Emmett Brown, Mike and Ali's new kitten.

I love him so much!!

The, I tore myself away from the good doctor to go to Ryan and Carmen's annual shot party:

(Skittles vodka)
I tasted the rainbow. And it was very liquory.

Also, I went with Nikki and Ali shopping at IKEA and had some delicious meatballs.

(Nikki peeping!)

Then a trip to Sweet Action for some baklava ice cream... And outside someone had yarn bombed a tree, which I enjoyed

Then we went to Fancy Tiger and picked up some fabric (what did I do with it? keep reading!)

Went to Ali's house and had some wine and did our nails with my sweet new stamping plates from while Ry's uncle Mike took him to the batting cages

Then Nikki tried to steal Ali's new kitten on her way out.

With my IKEA goods, I made good use of an area beside the fridge to hang some pots and pans:

With my fabric, I made some pillows:

I am in love with the tiny foxes on the coral fabric!

AND I've had this hanging in the house for 2 moves now-
So I decided I needed to update it:

Much more accurate now.
More to come!