Saturday, August 11, 2012

Unwelcome mat

My dad got me a sweet welcome mat that said "GO AWAY" on it once, and it was accidentally left behind at the old house, so I set out this week to replace it. Except awesomer, cause this one is RAINBOWY!
So cute, right?
This project cost a whopping $20
(or it would have had I needed to buy the supplies.  Shamefully, I already had the stencils and paint.)
I used:
-acrylic paints in a bunch of colors
-foam brushes
-clear spray paint
-a $5 ikea door mat

I arranged the letters like so, being sure to add an exclamation point to show how much I mean it.
Used the stencil...

Obviously dab don't brush.  Anyone who's ever stenciled anything knows this and I am not trying to insult your intelligence.   I'm sure you already knew this.

Almost done... now for the clear coat, so it doesn't wash away the first time it rains.

I think its the best damn rug ever.