Monday, July 2, 2012

'Stache Bash! Indubidably.

Does your husband ever grow an unwelcome moustache?
 Mine does, often.
It is usually as a solidarity show with his work guys when they are out at a mission or a training.
I feel like an epic and hard-earned moustache like this one deserves a send-off in style.
Enter: 'Stache Bash 2012!

Custom-made (with sharpies) banner
Candy "Bar" with little bags with sweet 'STACHE BASH 2012 custom logo

Menu: Chicago dogs
           Cucumber-feta-dill-greek yogurt-garbanzo bean-tomato salad
           Moustache shaped cookies
This is shaping up to be a fabulous moustache party.

Yeah, that's HOT ROD playing on our big outdoor TV. Of course.

Then the fancy Jello shots came out and everyone partied happily ever after.
And if you have a really good party, you'll find something like this when you wake up in the morning:

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