Thursday, May 17, 2012

Adventures in dye-ing

Do you ever have some perfectly nice clothes that you just get sick of?  Me, too. I have messed around with dyeing clothes in awesome ways, documented it, and now you'll see just how easy it is!
Project 1:
Tye-dyed shirts

These were just boring LOFT shirts that were pink and blue.

The pink one even had some blotchy cooking-related stains, so it was a fabulous candidate. I failed to docuement the blue one and I sincerely apologize.
I used "taupe" liquid RIT dye, mostly because it was on clearance.
I cut about a foot of saran wrap, and would it tightly around sections as seen below, then just to be safe placed a rubber band over each section:

I let it soak about 20 minutes, stirring frequently.  The water was hot and I added salt according to package directions. Then I rinsed it in cold water, and removed the ties.
Here it is wet, drying in the sun (which I personally think is important for the color to set) and the finished product!  CUUUTE! 

The blue one I did with powder dye in navy
And of course, my favorite thing for crafting, a glass of wine.
I wound it up the same, but thought that maybe it's better to not saturate the fabric so much with such a dark color, so I just got the fabric full of dye and pulled it out of the dye to set in the sink, about 15 minutes this time.
Oh, SUPER cute!! I love this one.

My first try at this was this little dress- it was plain white and pretty see-through.
I used a squirty bottle for this one:

(this was at our old place)
{Stubbins was quite interested}

rinsed it...

Success! Schmoki is very impressed.

I also recently attempted an ombre dip-dye method with mixed results...
Just a plain purply-colored LOFT dress

I folded it in half and sloooowwwwllllly dipped it in the black dye in increments, attempting an ombre effect...

Looks pretty good!  And I even dip-dyes a few other things.  I hate to be wasteful.  The dress is on the top part of the picture^

When will I ever learn to wear gloves???!  I never do.

I made the mistake of washing it right away, so I think the effect would have been a little more pronounced if I had let it set in for a while, but I'm happy with this more subtle effect. 
See?  Anyone can do it.  Try it!

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