Thursday, April 12, 2012

Terrarium fever

Ryan and I have a recurring case of terrarium fever- it comes and goes, but we had a flare-up this week and made the following totes-adorbs terrarium:

We have made some super-cute ones in the past:

(These were made when we were living in Alabama, and we made one fatal error: We didn't use carbon (see more about this below) so they got moldy and gross. But they were cute while they lasted.) 
This time, we gathered up the following materials:

-awesome light fixture (Nikki at the ambitious procrastinator bought it's twin when we went antique shopping together last month- I wonder what she has in store for hers?)
-cactus soil
-carbon (from Pets Mart, in the fish supplies. supposedly this keeps it from getting gross and moldy.)
-Something tiny and cute for decoration
I saw this step-by-step in Rachel Ray's magazine about a year ago, it's got good directions and illustrations if you're interested.  But, really, it isn't brain surgery. You can figure it out.
We layered the rocks on the bottom, then a thin layer of carbon:
After that, we put our dirt and planted the plants in it, and added some moss.
Ryan placed the panda and dragon in the places he thought they should go:

We are very pleased with our results.

About $20  (not including the light fixture) and
Probably about 1/2 an hour

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  1. Umm, yeah. Mine is still in the bubble wrap. I guess that's where the procrastinator part come in right?


  2. Very clever! I've thrown these kind of light fixtures away before, no more. I have a terrarium fetish too. I'm over from the DIY Project Parade.

    1. Thanks for visiting! Isnt it funny how when youre looking for a cool terrarium container you can never find one? I usually toss stuff and then am regretful, too.

  3. What a cool reuse of a light fixture! Now I'll have to be on the look out for one for my son. If you have some time I'd love it if you'd stop by my blog to check out the giveaway I'm having for a Ramsign Home Sign!