Monday, March 19, 2012

Guest Blog! Hunger Games Book report-Part 1 By Ryan the 12 year old

***SPOILER ALERT!!***  If you have not read the Hunger Games books, this will RUIN it for you!  You've been warned.

The following book report is written by Ryan... enjoy!

   Katniss: The Girl Who was on Fire

   In the ruins of what used to be North America lies the amazing Nation of Panem. In District 12, one of twelve large districts surrounding the Capitol, lives a girl named Katniss Everdeen, a sixteeyear old from the Seam, an area in District 12. She lives with her mother and her sister, Primrose. Residents of District 12 do not have the luxuries  that the people in the Capitol do. This particular district has to hunt (illegally), just to survive. As a punishment for a major uprising in the past, all districts must send a boy and girl tribute (ages 12 to 18) to compete in the yearly Hunger Games, a fight to the death in a huge arena, all on national telivision, manditory for watching...Dunn, Dunn, Dunnnnnn.

   In a ceremony called the Reaping, the two tributes are selected from a raffle. A boy is selected first, Peeta Mellark, the baker's son relatively unknown to Katniss. Next a girl is selected. Out of about one thousand other names, twelve year old Primrose Everdeen is selected. Katniss is horrified...her little sister was chosen to go to the 74th Hunger Games. Katniss quickly takes action and voluteers for Prim taking her place. Haymitch Abernathy, the only previous Victor from District 12 will serve as the tributes' mentor through the next few weeks.

   Before the 24 contestants can enter the arena, they must complete a week of fanfare, interviews, and of course training to attract sponsors. Gamemakers train all of the the tributes(on combat, camoflauge, tactics, etc.)together for three days andgive them an overall score. Katniss scores an eleven out of twelve possible points which is unheard of. Her stylist, Cinna and other support staff help her and Peeta to prepare mentally for the scarring upcoming events of the actual games. Going in she feels confident yet worried. Throughout the games, the contetants brutally murder each other using various methods and weapons. Katniss teams up with twelve year old Rue from District 11. Sadly, days later Rue dies from a spear to the stomach from Marvel, the male tribute from District 1. Katniss stumbles upon her mangled body(barely alive) and swiftly kills Marvel with an arrow through the throte. Then she kneels down next to Rue and sings her a lullaby until she dies, then decorates her lifeless body in flowers. Just then, the announcer says that two tributes, instead of one, can win if from the same district.

   Without thinking, Katniss yells Peeta's name. After about two days of following a stream, she hears Peeta's weak voice. She cannot, however, see Peeta. He is amazingly camoflauged, smeared in mud and covered in leaves. Katniss moves him to a nearby cave and cleans him up. There is a very deep wound in his left thigh, where Cato, an eight-teen year old boy from District 2 cut him with a sword. Katniss receives a gift from her sponsors. It is medicine, just the right thing to heal Peeta temporarily. Then the dogs attack...with only Katniss, Peeta, and Cato still living. They all run to the cornucopia, a gold statue within the arena.  They all climb it quickly.  Cato is pushed off by Peeta and is attacked by dogs.  Then Katniss realizes something... the mutant-dogs are the 21 dead tributes, mutated into bloodthirsty animals. Cato is being teased by the demons, suffering.  They drag him to the inside of the Cornucopia while he screams for mercy. Peeta's leg is even worse- he has gotten blood poisioning.  She applies a tourniquet to stop the flow of blood in his leg.  Then she turns to the screaming Cato and mercy-kills him.
   The sun rises, the dogs are called off and they are relieved.  The district 12 tributes have won- until the announcer says that they have consulted the Hunger Games rule book and there can only be one tribute victor.  They argue over who should kill who for a while then come up with an ingenious plan.  Instead of homicide they will commit double suicide.  They clench deadly berries in their hand and are about to eat them when the announcer rescinds his last ruling.  They spit out the berries and wash out their mouths.  They are the first victors for District 12 in over 30 years.
Please enjoy this illustration:
Mom note: Ryan's report got an "A".  Holla!


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