Friday, March 2, 2012

Chomp Chomp: Party foods

Every time I make something extra cute or delicious for an event, I take pictures of it with the intent of one day putting said pictures on my blog.  Then, I forget about them until one day (today!)
 Maybe you'll see something you'd like to make for an upcoming shindig!

According to a visiting 8 year-old this is the BEST THING she ever ate. I thought it was pretty good.
This is one of the few things that I've made that aren't completely pirated from Pinterest, I just used things I had on-hand.
I combined:
-4 oz cream cheese
-1/2 tub of cream cheese frosting
-most of a package of mini chocolate chips (save some for the top!)
-about 1/2 cup peanut butter
-a little bit of heavy cream (use your judgement, you want it to be dippable but not soupy)
Combine and serve!  As you can see, I prefer to eat things shaped like animals, which is why I used chocolate teddy grahams for dipping.


Mozzerella Artichoke sticks of tastiness
I made these yesterday for our weekly Mimosa Morning Brunch AKA Thirsty Thursday Mornings.
(The best day of the week!) (until I find a job)

This is another one I made up (Or more correctly, had been making with Basil leaves instead of artichokes for YEARS but for some reason I cannot find basil ANYWHERE in El Paso so I made some quick moves)
If you want to make this, buy:
You don't have to use yellow tomatoes, I just think they're cute. I found the marinated cheese at CostCo but you can find fresh Mozz in most deli sections and marinate it yourself in the Basalmic dressing.
I Cut the tomatoes in half and sliced the artichokes ito 3rds, then let them marinate:

(there's also a couple tablespoons of olive oil and some italian seasonings in there)
Then I skewered them up MOZZ-ARTICHOKE-TOMATO:

I also have used pepperonis, basil leaves, pancetta, whole tomatoes, olives stuffed with bleu cheese, etc etc... I'm sure you can think of something you would like. These are just so adorable I want to eat them UP! (And I do.)

I'm sure you've seen cookie-pizza before, but I have just recently started making them individually instead of on one big sheet you have to cut up and make a big mess of.  I am a big fan of short cuts and am very pleased with this one. (I make the "sauce" with 8oz cream cheese, 1 yogurt (usually strawberry), and about 3t powdered sugar. So easy)

I made these for Husband's promotion ceremony Tuesday. 
P.S. If my husband had any interest in my blog he might appreciate the following shout-out:
Way to go, Ben!!!!  We love you!

Rainbow skewers:

Of course, if you want to REALLY impress your guests... (Or at least get them drunk so they think your party is awesome)
Fancy Jello Shots

Vodka gummy bears
(gross to being almost inedible)

And the fanciest of fancy party food:

Mini corn dogs with fancy sauce.
(Fancy sauce is a fancy combination of fancy ketchup and fancy mustard.  For fancy people.)

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  1. I had a thought about the gummy bears, maybe cake flavored vodka would make them tastier. We should try that when Ali come visit you!

  2. We have a bring-food-to-work day tomorrow, and I knew JUST where to find the perfect dish to knock some socks off. Your peanut butter chocolate chip dip fits the bill of cute, yummy, and simple to make. You continue to rock. ;) thank you

  3. Love your blog! So funny, found you on pinterest via your tank-dress fail!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you like my posts, I have a lot of fun getting into misadventures to report on. :-)