Friday, March 23, 2012

Big Lame Shirt re-fashion to Dolman sleeve awesome shirt

During this year's St Paddy's festivities, the bar we were at was selling Tshirts.  After some green beers, I decided I needed one- I don't have any fun bar shirts, I can wear it to the gym, It says the name of the base, fun!, etc.  They only have a mens size large?  No problem, I said!  Shelled out my $12 and started plotting for a refashion.

Here is the finished product:
Sorry about the shoddy photography:
                  My usual photographer was at school, in 6th grade, learning about fractions or something.

I started with a really big shirt-  See how sad I look? Ridiculous!
So, I got to work: 

 I laid out the shirt and measured a little line from the armpit to about 5" down from the top of the seam:

And then drew a diagonal line from the armpit to about 3" in from each side

Cut our the neckline, hemmed it, sewed along all my red lines, added some rutching on the bottom 6" of the sides and BEHOLD:

Decidedly less lame.

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  1. MUCH better than the last sewing attempt! Rob better guard his t-shirts!