Saturday, December 10, 2011

My name is Jenna and I'm addicted to chalkboard paint

When you buy a can of chalkboard spray paint, it magically turns everything in your house into something that can become a chalkboard!  It can become a problem UNLESS you have a project in mind to distract you. I am going to show you something I made for Christmas gifts this year.  Luckily my husband and brother are pretty uninterested in my blog (I hope).  Perhaps you would like to make this for the lovable drunks in your life. Ali, don't tell Mike.

So, the reason I wanted to do flasks is because we are all going to NYC together for New Years (yay!) and we are going to need something to keep us warm, from the inside out.  But how will we differentiate whose flask is whose? And what is inside it?  What confusion! 

And then I thought of it. I have been DYING to cover things with chalkboard paint. 

SO, I present to you:
Cute, right?  I know that chalk will wipe off in pockets and blah blah blah but I LOVE the idea of temporarily labeling it.  What fun. 
Would you like to see how it was made?  OK.

These are the things you need

 The plastic is so the overspray doesn't get all over the top and sides

I am a fan.  There's probably a better way to keep the lines a little neater, that stuff shoots out way faster than regular spray paint so it seemed to bleed a smidgen.  Maybe next time I would just cut the painters tape directly. Duh.  Regardless I am very pleased with the results and look forward to staying warm in NYC!

Thanks for looking at my project!  I'm going to go find more things to make into chalkboards!!

UPDATE!!!  Hey, mikey likes it!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

adventure and margaritas

Mike (my brother) and Ali (my sister in law) ***visit her at: (The House On Adams Drive) came to visit us for the weekend!  First we showed them around the new house.  Would you like to have a tour as well?  OK!  Here you go:

Don't worry, you'll get to see the backyard (with fruit trees!) (and outdoor kitchen!!!) in the spring. 

So among other exciting things, Saturday we went into New Mexico for Ali to show us around her old college campus.  We saw a lot of people wearing sweatpants.

But not us!!  Here we are peeking at you from behind a tree.

Mike and Ali

Ben finishing building the school.  Thanks, Ben!

THEN, we met up with Ali's BFFS from college and went and had mexican food and margaritas.

"aah DON'T DRINK US!!" 

 We also went to Mesilla, where Billy the kid something something... Maybe this picture will explain it.  I had been drinking so I didn't quite catch what the story was.
Thanks, Ali, for hepling us learn something!

What other trouble can we get into? Lets see:

Oh!  And have you heard about Beyonce the Chicken?  Click here for the beyonce story!  Beyonces have been found all over the place, even by my friend Nikki at The Ambitious Procrastinator in Denver. We were overjoyed to find a yardful of mega-and-mini beyonces to enjoy!

Ali picked up one of these tiny babies to raise as though it was her own.

Don't judge me. I love who I love.

You'll never believe this, but that wasn't even all the fun we had that day!!! Despite noisy and repated man-protests we stopped at an antique mall on the way home.

Ali would like to introduce you to the antique mall

Ryan's new pets

 I have never seen so many records in one place.  I couldn't even begin to guess how many there were.

The guys contemplating the fact that, against all odds, they enjoyed their time at this antique mall.  It was the coolest place ever and we will go back again when we have all day to kill.

Thanks for visiting!!  And thanks for all the followers!!