Monday, August 22, 2016

That raw fish is SO CUTE! DIY sushi halloween group costume tutorial

Last year, the 3 of us were Sushi for Halloween and a ton of people asked us how I made the costumes.  If you want to be raw fish this year, you're in luck- I've set up a tutorial for you!
So, here is the finished product:
Inspiration for these costumes came from
and although I didn't use her tutorial, the idea was top-notch and I wanted to give her the cred she deserves!

Supply List (sushi- both costumes)
-1" Foam (1 for each sushi)
-Spray paint (Pink for salmon, orange for shrimp)
-thick black ribbon
-Hot glue and glue gun
-white shirts
-4 big safety pins
-tape and/or thin ribbons
-red pompoms
(for headband)
-thick headband
-dark and light green felt
-light green and pink foam paper

To make the 'meat', I cut each foam into the proper shape...  

I taped it off, like so
and lightly spray painted the fishy.
When it was dry, I removed the tape, and hot glued it smack on the front of the shirt...
And hot glued the thick ribbon on top of that, all the way across the front of the shirt...

and then hot glued the little red poms on top of that! 
I believe I tied the ribbons in a knot in the back, like a sash, trimmed the ends, and pinned it all in place with a big safety pin or 2.
For the Salmon, I followed a similar process, but this time I used ribbons instead of tape, so I could make curves

Making the paint a little uneven makes it look even real-er.
Then I sliced up some more foam into 'carrot' shapes and painted them as well, with the left-over orange paint, and used some of the green foam paper to make veggie sticks.  I taped them tightly around the middle, so they would stick out a little bit, and then hot glued them on.  After that, I followed the same process- glues the 'veg' to the 'salmon' and them hot glued it all to the shirt, then hot glued the ribbon on to the front of the shirt, all the way across.
My little wasabi headband: 
I cut the felt and light green foam paper into a grass pattern, and twisted the bright green felt  into a wasabi twist-

I glued the 'grass' to the headband 1st, then made a ginger flower out of the pink foam (Basically just cut petals and folded them over) and glued that next to the wasabi.
So here's mine, completed
And here we are feeling DELICIOUS!

Soy sauce bonus costume:

For our Soy Sauce, we found this shirt for like $10 at Target, just when I was about to make one, somehow, so that was the easiest part. 

(this is what it looks like in condiment form, in case you weren't sure.  The logo on the shirt is the same as some other types of packaging, but one of the costume wearer's request was a hat like the little bottles, like this one. )

Now to figure out HOW to make that HAT! 
I used:
-Poster sized piece of red craft foam paper
-More hot glue
I cut it onto a long strip, then cut little 3" slits along one side, then glued them to overlap.  I glued it to the size of the wearers head to make a cylinder. then I cut a circle about 1" bigger than the top. 
Along the edge of the circle, I cut 1" slits all the way around.  I then glued the top inside the circle, using the slits to fold under and glue.   
So it looked like this:
So, you can still see the edge of the sides but the top is securely glued just peeping above the sides. 
He said it was comfortable, and he wore it all night without it becoming annoying.
And we had another addition to our group last-minute, so he got to be sriracha.  (shirt- Target.  Hat- Any green beanie)

So overall, I think this project including all 4 shirts and supplies, cost me about $60.  A huge bargain!
I am not sure how we will ever top these costumes!!
Here are a few cute ideas for kids, if you're in the market, from prior posts.

 I hope you try these tasty costumes too!  I promise they were easy and you'll feel like a bad-ass wearing your awesome handmade costumes among a sea of Elsa's and more Elsa's.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

'Why didn't we do this sooner' Tile stairs

Todays project just rocks all the socks off!  I have been wanting to do this for EVER and it's all I ever dreamed it could be!

It took 72 tiles, 3 tubes of concrete caulk, and about 3 hours.  This project cost us less than $80!

 It might be my favorite project. EVER.
The tiles were supposed to be $1.50 each but we negotiated for $1 apiece with the teenager at the front.  I am pretty sure the kid that made that deal with us got in trouble for it, so I tried not to celebrate too much or be too happy about it.
(Until I got home.)

We did the 2 steps up to the door, too. 
So, first we kind of laid them out and picked where we wanted what.  We didn't buy a single extra, but it's OK because we didn't break a single one!

We considered mixing them up but I'm really glad organization won out, it looks so neat and cute!

(in progress)

Will they hold up?  Probably.  Will I love them forever? Yes.   What will we do next? No tellin!

Oh, and I almost forgot- I had teased you with this thrift store find in my last post and I've completed my big plan.
remember this chair I got for $9 at a thrift store?
Now it's my work-from-home mini office chair. 
Oh, and are you LOVING this pillow?
You can get your very own from Anne Hall Designs on Etsy- She makes her own custom stamps and makes the cutest art, dish towels, shower curtains...  go check em out :-)

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Baby spinach: Crisp, refreshing, my new fave paint color

After 2 long weeks of walking past the paint I bought for the laundry room, silently cursing that I haven't made time to do it, I finally painted and added a little cuteness to the ugliest room in the house!  All under $100!!!
The rug is from Target and is (currently on sale from $30 down to $23) AND it's reversible- the other side is grey and white stripes.
The paint was called 'baby spinach and it's a light kelly green.  (About $50 on paint and painting accessories)

Look at this cute vintage map we picked up in Amsterdam this summer!
(frame, Michaels $15 but I used a 40% off coupon on my phone so it was like $9.)
(Kelly, is my math right?  LOL)

So, on the left is what the corner looked like, and the redo on the right.  The crate is also from Michaels and it was 70% off so I think it was around $4.
One of us wanted to just use drywall screws to pop this thing in the wall, but ONE of us wanted to do it right and anchor it.  One of us likes to do it the easy way sometimes.  (That someone is also a very snappy dresser and super busy to be thinking about things like anchors.)  (As you can see, it's anchored so I conceded... He was probably right.)

Laundry has never been so cute! 

Also, I picked up this gem today at a thrift store for $9- what will I do with it?

(J/k of course I have a plan to make it awesome)
I'll show you when it's done!